Welcome to a world with endless possibilities inhabited by creatures of all kinds - some are far out, others are just like you and me. B-NIX is the alias for illustrator Sara Bøgh - read BIO further down. 
A 'Nix' ('Nøkken') is a Scandinavian folklore water spirit. It can shape shift and take any form it likes. Sometimes it's a horse with an incredibly long mane, other times it's a human figure. It sits on a rock in the lake or stream, playing the violin or singing, luring people closer. Once they are close enough, the Nix grabs them and pulls them into the dark depths of the waters...  

Anything you can imagine can be drawn - any concept thinkable can be illustrated. This is the magic of pencil and paper. At the end of that pen, you’ll find Sara Bøgh - an unlimited resource of visualisation. Concepts in writing and thought can be abstract, aloof, and hard to communicate. Images can help us understand data, ideas, feelings, politics, processes - simply each other. Making a concept concrete with an image, can bridge gaps and tell stories.

illustration [il-uh-strey-shuh n]
1. something that illustrates, as a picture in a book or magazine.
2. a comparison or an example intended for explanation or corroboration.
3. the act or process of illuminating.
4. the act of clarifying or explaining; elucidation.
5. Archaic. illustriousness; distinction.

You’ll find illustrations permeate our world. The smallest icon is an illustration of a concept. Any logo, brandname, poster, painting, photo, even clothes and other modes of self-expression are all illustrations. They visually illustrate a basic concept someone wants to communicate to you. A simple portrait can illuminate a person’s inner self. A large detailed depiction of a fantastical landscape can symbolise a theory. A comic strip or a process drawing can visualise data and numbers, or concepts and ideas. A friendly beast can inspire a kid. The possibilities are endless. I work with illustration in a wide array of fields: Editorial, Books, Covers, Music, Kids Art, Posters, Design, Corporate, Web, Logo and Brand, Process, Graphics, Personal Commissions, Portraits, Caricature, Product Design, Textile, and various Print. Whatever it is you need illuminated, I might be the right collaborator to put visuals to your concept. Don’t hesitate to contact me with ideas, jobs, projects, advice or anything else your heart desires.
Sara Bøgh is a Danish Canadian illustrator, who has spent her life criss crossing the Atlantic pond between two homes. She studied first at the University of Calgary, Alberta, and later received a bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. Upon graduating she moved back to Denmark, where her childhood was spent on the west coast, to pursue a career as a Film Editor. Having worked some years in Copenhagen as a freelancer in the film industry, Sara is now devoting all of her time to her illustration business, following her inner calling and childhood dream. She has worked with a variety of clients from private commissions, to children's books, and commercial illustration, and is LOVING it! Sara also founded the artist collective and studio MOTHERSHIP with six other illustrators! @studio_mothership also has a shop with art, zines, apparel and more. Check it out on instagram! Home is currently Copenhagen, with her partner Christian and four young children Astrid, Ellinor, Arnold, and Ib - as well as their English Bulldog Mr. Jensen.

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