Do you monster? My girls do - and they rock at it. They are so good at coming up with monster designs, that we put them on shirts and totes and are selling them on our instagram @monsteration_ 

Anyone can be a monsterator, and we got our first submission vidoes coming in!!!  
Post a video on instagram and hastag it #monsterator and @monsteration_ - then we'll bring it to life!!

Our professional Monsterators are Astrid (5.5 yo) and Ellinor (3.5 yo) 
All monsters are illustrated by B-NIX aka Sara Bøgh (mom - @bnix_illu)

Below are the monsters we have so far : 
Rainbow Unicorn - by Ellinor
Mr. Drip Coffee - by Astrid
Two Headed Lamp - by Karoline
Vampire Holeypants - by Astrid
Zombie Lightning - by Ellinor
Monster line art: 
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