Dive into myth and lore, a fairytale heathen journey full of magic and mysticism..

This series of posters is a magical exploration into all things cyclical. There is one poster for each season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Each season corresponds to both a color, an elemental energy, and a goddess. Spring: Yellow, Air, Maiden. Summer: Red, Fire, Mother. Fall: Blue, Water, Wild Woman. Winter: Green, Earth, The Wise One (The Crone/The Hag - she has many names). Furthermore, the posters are filled with corresponding themes and synchronicities, inviting the viewer to explore the interconnectedness and magic of cyclical nature. Spring has a spell for communication, Summer has a spell for self love, Fall has a spell for healing, and Winter has a spell for psychic ascension. There is tea, herbs, traditions and lots of other surprises hidden in these narrative and fantastical illustrations. Nordic mythology is represented throughout, and the viewer can look for hidden runes with hidden meanings in all posters. Sprites, trolls, fairies, dwarves, spirits of the land and other creatures are playfully inhabiting this excentric world.
Enjoy diving into the magical realms of B-nix' witchy visions. 

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